It is formed by a Young and Dynamic professional team with a common goal: Satisfy the demands of our Clients.

The purpose of the company is: the Promotion of new construction, Purchase, Sale of Properties in Mallorca.

A young agency with expert professionals in the real estate sector


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Our Social contribution is called Little Great People.

A better world must not be dreamed of, it must be built .

From 16 Mallorca Properties we want to thank you for the opportunity you give us to collaborate in the sale of your property, not only is it allowing us to dedicate ourselves to those we like and are passionate about, it is also helping us to carry out an initiative that fills us with delusion.


The day  We thought about creating 16 Mallorca Properties, we decided that it should not be just a real estate brokerage company, we wanted it to be something more, more important, more useful, more human….


As parents, there is a sad reality that worries us: the constant growth of cases of bullying among children and adolescents, and the harassment of women unfortunately of an increasingly young age, in addition to the ease with which society is getting used to it. This, in most cases not giving it the importance and attention that this problem deserves (adolescents who no longer have the illusion of experiencing something that should make all adults sleepless).


For this reason, we have made the decision to dedicate part of our benefits to carrying out support actions for those forced to deal with these situations.


Among our wishes are :

✓ Establish a telephone line where you can call and ask for help, advice, psychological support or even report situations of harassment of which they are being victims or third parties who do not dare to inform relatives and teachers.


✓ Organize regular talks in schools and institutes between adolescents and professionals in education and psychology.


✓ Psychological support for the families of the victims of such harassment.


✓ And much more….


We hope to achieve a volume of work that allows us to carry out each and every one of these initiatives and many more. For all this we say again Thank you for your opportunity and for your two cents to our cause. 

We have to teach our children, the difference

Between a person who humiliates and one who respects.

Between one that wants to change and one that wants to contribute.

Between one who controls and one who admires her.

Between one that you want to turn off and one that helps to shine.

But more importantly ... we have to teach them, to be the second type of person.