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How do I know if light rises affect me?

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With the arrival of the cold, electricity consumption has increased and the majority of consumers do not know if our electricity bill is at the regulated rate or if it is contracted at a trading company in the free market. Millions of consumers are distressed by this brutal increase in the price of electricity, however, it should be noted that this rise does not affect all Spaniards.

Those who have contracted electricity in free market companies, such as Endesa, Iberdrola or Factor Energía, should know that their contract establishes the price paid per kW and hour, so what they pay will depend on the type of contracted rate and not of the new hours of electricity use. These consumers will continue to pay what they paid until now, although it is true that sooner or later they could end up noticing the effect of the increase, since when it comes time to review the contract, it is very likely that the company will increase the price of the rate.

Next, we tell you how to know if this rise in the price of electricity affects you or not and how to change your electricity bill if you are interested in hiring an offer from another company:

How do I know if light rises affect me?

Find out in which company you have contracted the electricity to find out if you are adhering to the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer (PVPC), that is, to the regulated market, or if you have it registered in the free market. In it, the name of the marketer will appear if it is free and the specificity of PVPC if it is regulated.

If you do not have contracted electricity from a free market trading company, if you are part of the 11 million that are in the regulated market, you will pay the average price that the kWh / hour has reached in the daily wholesale market. Therefore, it is the consumers covered by the PVPC who will have to use their appliances in the complicated time zones in which electricity is cheaper.

How to change the electricity bill if the increases affect me?

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Change the electricity bill

This procedure can usually be done through a phone call, over the Internet or in person. The client will be guided by the operator of the marketer to advance in the process, requesting the necessary documents to register in the new company.

In general, these are the documents that you will have to prepare when making the change of electricity company:

  • Data of the owner of the invoice: your ID, name and surname

  • Contact information: your phone and email

  • Exact address of the supply point

  • CUPS Code (Universal Supply Point Code)

  • Bank account (in which the charge will be debited)

After providing the documentation requested by the marketer, the new company will be in charge of communicating the change to the issuer of your current invoice. This procedure is free and you can do it as many times as you want. Of course, keep in mind that some rates are subject to permanence, so you would pay a penalty if you want to leave the company. In addition, changing the contracted power for another could also entail an additional cost.

How long will it take to register with the new electricity company?

This process usually takes between 15 and 20 business days from when the client sends all the documentation. This term is subject to the end of the current invoice period. For this reason, the user will receive a last electricity bill from the current company even if he has requested the change.

What electricity company to hire?

To choose well, first you must analyze how is your consumption, your habits and what needs you have at home. From there, you can compare the offers of the different marketers on the market. In order to choose the best rate, you should not only look at the price, you should also find out if you are signing a commitment to stay or if you can access discounts on your bill. There is also the option of using renewable energy sources, which can offer us great savings on bills.

Remember that if you have outstanding debts with the current company, the new one could hit you and deny your application. With which, until you pay the pending bills, it will be much more difficult for you to close your contract with the current electricity service marketer.

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